A Taste of Mr Veggie with Our Local Community

There is no shortage of food options in Leicester. 

However, we pride ourselves in being more than just another fast food restaurant. In short, we share a strong bond with our local community.

To begin, if you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant that recreates traditional fast food meals, then have a look at our menu

With a focus on fresh ingredients that we use in our meals, we also have a number of vegan options.

The Perfect Environment 

Are you in Leicester town on business or a flying visit? 

We welcome you and are happy to help with pointers about the area. 

Basically, we are based within the cultural hotspot of Leicester, where you will find us to be in a perfect position for traditional indian shopping. 

The Surroundings

Further, next door, we have a lovely traditional Indian tea shop. 

So, when you need a break or if you’re looking for a bite, our pizza speciality will go down as a treat.
What’s more, our food outlet has been serving the local community for a number of years. And, we have been welcoming the local factory units, schools, and even our local businesses, such as Leicester Accountants. 

Thanks to our Leicester vegan community, we have hosted a number of events this year. (A side note; our desserts have been highly recommended too).

We look forward to welcoming you. 

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